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The multirotors being extremely delicate and sophisticated machines (almost flying computers) requires special cares during all the assembly.

For that reason we are one of the only companies in the world who have special assembling steps.

Since the solder we use (silver alloy) to the special connectors and finally the special programming of the boards for the exact camera and place the copter is going to be used.

All these steps makes our Multirotors different from the other companies who just  “put the parts together” don´t giving any attention to the minor detail that makes a HUGE difference in the final result that is getting a good footage.

Lately, we have seen several companies talking about the Sony CX-760 being a good camera because of its stabilization systems. That’s really true, it´s an amazing camera and we even use the same model for one service or other, but the main goal is that the 760 is a very nice way to hide the vibrations of the machines and the poorly configured systems.

Our goal , and believe you can see from our videos with the 5D, 7D,60D,Nex5,Nex7 and many others is to give the footage with as low as possible vibrations.

You may need just some low stabilization in the post production, buts as many of our customers, they almost never use this.

How we get all this? Just making one machine after the other, taking care of the fine tuning and using the right components.

We work with the BEST brands on the market, like the Cinestar that’s our main machines for now, but we use the Droidworks, Mikrokopter and other platforms as well.

If you are tired of getting NO RESULTS, then bring your machine to us, it will be taken good care by really professional hands