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Flight School

Ok, now you have your equipment, made a BIG investment and is READY to Work?

Not yet! Do you know how to fly?

Do you know how to take care and give the maintenance?

Do you know HOW to charge the batteries?

NO! Probably NO!

Having a good and well build/configured equipment is just 50% of the way, now you need the specific training for flying and doing the maintenance of your own gear.

We have our own flight school here.

The learning begins in a Mikrokopter Hexa XL, as soon you get the thrust in your skills you are going to start flying in one of our Cinestar 6.

After these flights, with the trust acquired it´s time to start learning how to fly with a camera and work the approaching angles and the advanced flying techniques.

Well, there is so much to learn, here are some of our courses.


• Learn how to Fly 

Advanced Flying

Flying with a camera on board

Basic Maintenance

Advanced Maintenance

Basic cares with the Multirotor

MKTools Programming


If you need to get a better skill, just contact us, we have all the machines here in Brazil; you can come up here without bringing any of your stuff.

This is some of the deals that only Drones4You can do for you!